Restaurants are all about good food and an exquisite atmosphere that enhances your guests’ dining experience. People have high expectations when it comes to these establishments, especially if those that are willing to pay top dollar, and you as an owner must always be ready to satisfy those expectations if you want to stay in this line of business. Remember, competition is at an all-time high, and you want to do your best to get repeat patronage as much as possible.

Part of maintaining customer expectations is keeping the main parts of your restaurant looking fresh, clean, and classy — and that includes restrooms. These areas are extremely important in providing great customer experience and it’s not just limited to hygiene. They provide a temporary space where guests can freshen up and escape the bustling dining area and it is of great significance to them if your restroom provides them with a feeling of luxury.

So, on your next renovation, consider putting effort into making your restroom as classy as possible. To help you get started on your trendy restaurant bathroom, check out these renovation tips:

Match the Aesthetics of the Restroom With the Restaurant’s Décor

Consistency can enhance customer experience

Imagine dining in a 1950s-themed restaurant and when you go to the restroom to freshen up, you see a completely different scenery: modern looking tiles, plain mirrors, and not even one picture of a Cadillac anywhere. This can be a bit jarring for customers, especially for those who go to your restaurant specifically for the ambience.

While it may seem like a minor fact, it can ruin the atmosphere of your restaurant and be off-putting to some customers. It can also give the idea that you cheapened out on things. You have to ensure your restroom complements the rest of your interior décor to give your customers the best dining experience possible.

Install Public Sinks

Spend less on electricity bills

On busy days and nights, you may experience long queues outside the bathroom. This can be an inconvenience for guests who need only to wash their hands or retouch their makeup.

Installing a public sink outside the restroom can help remedy this problem. This is also a great small restaurant bathroom idea if you don’t have enough space inside the bathroom for a sink.

Consider Adding Colour to Your Bathroom Walls

Do not underestimate the power of your interior walls to attract customers or enhance restaurant appeal. Whether it’s bright and welcoming or warm and cozy, the right kind of colour on your walls can affect the mood and behaviour of your guests. Furthermore, they can also imply wealth and luxury, which can make your dining establishment attractive to prospective customers.

This logic is also applicable to restrooms. By choosing the right shade for your paint, tiles, or wallpaper when renovating your bathroom, it will greatly improve their mood and will make their dining experience all the more enjoyable.

Here are various impressions that colour can give your guests when using your toilet:

  • Purple: regal, luxurious, rich, and calming
  • Blue: tranquil, soothing, inviting, and graceful
  • Green: natural, organic, relaxing
  • Yellow: cheerful, happy, energetic, and welcoming
  • Oranger: energetic, creative, funky, and trendy
  • Black: mysterious, minimalist, elegant, and refined
  • Grey: industrial, futuristic, sleek, and sophisticated
  • White: minimalist, modern, pure, and clean
  • Brown: classic, functional, timeless, and cozy
  • Red: stimulating, passionate, intimate, and energetic
  • Pink: playful, feminine, peaceful, and fun

Save up on Electricity Bills, Install Energy Efficient Lighting

You can’t go wrong with LED lighting

As a restaurant owner, you want to do your best to reduce expenses incurred during business operations. One of the ways you can do that is to reduce electricity costs by switching to LED lights instead of incandescent lights. This should be implemented throughout the restaurant, including the restrooms.

LED lights have a number of advantages compared to other lighting solutions like incandescent and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs:

  • LEDs use 75% less energy than incandescent ones, which means huge savings in your electricity bills.
  • LEDs light up faster compared to CFL bulbs.
  • LEDs are more durable and have a longer lifespan compared to both incandescent CFL fixtures.

Because of the improvements in LED technology, prices have gone down significantly. Furthermore, there are various LED lamp designs available on the market so it’s easy to find the perfect one that suits your restroom.

Go for a Toilet-Bidet Combo

One of the few things that your customers appreciate is a clean and functional toilet seat. However, what would make this even better is if it comes with a built-in bidet.

A separate bidet system can be a hassle, especially for older guests. In contrast, having a modern toilet with a fully integrated bidet system that gets the job done with a flip of a switch will make your guests happier. As an added bonus, these toilets help save on toilet paper.

Guests give high regard to establishments that provide both comfort and convenience. Installing a toilet-bidet combo will be worth the investment.

Install Large Mirrors

Widen the space and enhance the aesthetic appeal

There is a surprisingly large number of guests who spend more time looking at the mirror than using the other amenities in the restroom. Whether they’re retouching makeup, fixing up crumpled clothing, or checking their general appearance, a mirror is definitely a necessity.

Mirrors can also make any room look wider and can enhance the aesthetics of a restroom. To this end, it would make perfect sense to install large mirrors. If possible, make it a full-body one for good measure.

Invest in Hands-Free Equipment

No matter how clean your restrooms are, germs will always find a way in, especially if you have a large number of people going in and out. Sending in staff to clean your toilet frequently is not the best way to handle this problem either. It can congest queues and inconvenience guests.

Installing hands-free equipment is a more practical solution. These types of fixtures minimize the number of restroom surfaces that your guests touch. This reduces the chances of viruses and bacteria contaminating the bathroom and latching on to your customers.

Invest in automated equipment like:

  • Sensor equipped faucets
  • Sensor equipped drying stations
  • Sensor equipped liquid soap dispensers
  • Hands-free door openers

Increase Bathroom Stall Space

Small toilet stall space might be acceptable in fast food joints, but never in a restaurant. Your guests deserve a wide enough space to move around inside the stall without feeling confined. If ever you had complaints about this, be sure to address that in your renovation.

Install Low-slip Tiles to Prevent Accidents

Prevent slip-and-fall accidents with the right flooring

Tiles make your bathroom flooring look good, especially if they match the walls. However, some can be quite slippery when wet and might cause accidents. One of the best restaurant bathroom tile ideas for this is to install those with anti-slip properties.

Not only do they help prevent accidents, but these new types of tiles are durable enough to resist heavy footfall and frequent foot traffic.

Bathrooms are a necessity. Done right, they can enhance the appeal of your restaurant. Give prospective guests more reasons to patronize your establishment with a well-thought-out bathroom layout and design.

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