PT General Contractor Inc

is a 100% employee-owned and fully insured Canadian company, in business since 1999 and serving Scarborough, the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. We offer a full range of construction services in the commercial, industrial, hospitality and recreational sectors. Since we started we have built some of the most impressive structures in and around the GTA, like:

• The Mercatto Restaurants in Toronto
• The Ultra Supper Club on Queen Street in Toronto
• Enhanced Fusion in Southampton
• Wimpy’s Diners in Aurora and Toronto
• Crocodile Rock Bar in Toronto
• My Apartment Party Clubs in Mississauga and Toronto
• Multiple Live / Work Lofts, I Zone in Toronto
• The Art of Dentistry
• Bellair Laser Clinic
• University of Toronto, Erindale College in Mississauga

We are confident that we have the construction experience, technical expertise and capacity that you require of us in connection with such work that, if selected to do so, we would provide you with a first class facility, from a function, aesthetic and economical viewpoint.

We have the resources to provide all services necessary for executing your vision, and we will help you obtain the best value for your investment by providing a quality project completed safely and on schedule. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to offer our construction services in connection with your project, and look forward to working with you to provide quotations of construction on your project.

Contact us to learn how we can make your design visions a reality, too.

Company History
Founded in 1999 by President and CEO Phil Terry, PT General Contractor Inc has grown steadily. PT General Contractor Inc is an employee owned and fully insured company. Recognized for high quality workmanship, innovative solutions and a fine tuned ability to fast-track projects, we specialize in construction for the commercial, industrial, hospitality and recreational sectors. PT General Contractor Inc has over 14 years of experience with a variety of projects. You can learn more about these projects on this website.

To be the contractor of choice for owners, sub-trades and employees, with increasing profitability and a preeminent reputation for:
• Superior quality in everything we do
• Zero accident frequency on every job
• Employing the most highly qualified sub-trades
• Retaining highly talented, dedicated employees

Based on PT General Contractor Inc’s extensive experience, we have developed several innovative programs, some of which include:
• PT General Contractor Inc’s Partnering Program and the Quick Resolution Process (QRP):
• Our partnering program is implemented on all new projects to ensure speedy decision making and clear administration processes within an integrated team approach
• PT General Contractor Inc’s Commissioning Activation and Transfer (CAT) Program:
• Our CAT Program will assist in the commissioning process and help ensure the projects are turner-over to the client’s complete satisfaction
• AAA Scheduling:
• Effective management of the schedule drives efficiencies in construction, cost controls and optimized quality. PT General Contractor Inc implements an innovative approach to the scheduling process addressing
the following:
• Accuracy
• Awareness
• Accountability

• Safety First:
• PT General Contractor Inc’s comprehensive Health and Safety program assures all operations are performed to the strictest safety standards. PT General Contractor Inc prides itself on an exceptional safety record
• All field supervisors, site personnel and employees attend regular Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) seminars to remain current with industry safety standards and the latest safety regulations
• At PT General Contractor Inc, safety is not just a policy, it is part of our culture, and it is enshrined from the top down. PT General Contractor Inc realizes the value of a safe workplace – better employee attitude, better productivity, quality improvement, fewer deficiencies, cost effectiveness and better schedule maintenance
• The firm is continually meeting and educating management and employees on safety, both in the office and on site

• Construction Process:
• PT General Contractor Inc will prepare the detailed cost estimate upon receipt of the customer’s drawings
• PT General Contractor Inc will enter into a CCDC contract with the customer upon notification of award of the contract
• PT General Contractor Inc will submit construction schedule to the customer for review and approval
• PT General Contractor Inc will submit project progress draw schedule to the customer for review and approval
• PT General Contractor Inc will mark the floor layout on site and report any discrepancies. PT General Contractor Inc will resolve any discrepancy with the project consultant before proceeding further. PT General Contractor Inc will prepare and provide Requests for Information (RFIs) to the consultant, if required
• PT General Contractor Inc will provide the best staff and sub-contractor to ensure the quality
• PT General Contractor Inc’s on site superintendent will make sure that the work is done in accordance to design drawings
• PT General Contractor Inc’s on site superintendent will manage, coordinate and arrange the inspection with building inspector and consultants as required during various stage of construction
• PT General Contractor Inc will develop self-initiated deficiency lists periodically, and correct quickly and efficiently while causing minimal inconvenience and disruption to the construction sequence. PT GeneralContractor Inc will also coordinate the process of having the relevant consultants review and sign-off on our work

• PT General Contractor Inc will arrange a final walk through with the building inspector and the consultant for occupancy upon completion of the work

The client can be sure of crafted workmanship and construction schedule. We will implement a process that fosters effective, timely communication and promote a flexible, open approach to exploring options and strengthening relationships. We will provide the best solution to meet the client’s expectations.