A restaurant’s design is an advertising tool in itself which owners can use to engage their customers. A well-thought-out design has the power to stimulate a customer’s five senses, enhancing their dining experience. Careful planning is also essential to make your restaurant stand out among the competition.

Avoidable Restaurant Design Mistakes

Win customer loyalty and approval by having a competitive design.

Avoid these mistakes:

  • Irrelevant decorations – Decorations and embellishments that don’t communicate the brand of your restaurant reduce attractiveness and can actually detract from profits. Focus on the brand’s unique story and personality. This is your anchor in selecting lighting, fixtures, and seating. Think of every decor piece as a tool you can use to communicate your brand promise and personality. Remove all irrelevant “knick-knacks” and keep the important ones clean and dust-free.
  • Bathroom doors – The entry door to the bathroom that only pushes “in” bothers some customers and negatively influences their experience. Many guests prefer doors that open both in and out since they don’t have to touch the bathroom door handle as they exit.
  • Noise pollution – Music that is too loud or low can distract dining customers; find the right balance between noisy and comfortable. Guests dislike feeling like they are in the library — but they also don’t want to dine in a loud music video preventing them from conversation. Create ambient noise; you can add speakers in the bathroom as well. Use furniture and drapes to cushion echoes and dampen sound.
  • Space planning – Utilize your space efficiently to save money, enhance customer experience, and boost staff performance. Inefficient food storage or poorly planned layout in the kitchen can slow down staff and impede food service. Create an efficient floor plan for both the kitchen and dining areas.
  • Exposed, messy service areas – Visible pans, bus trays, and overflowing trash cans distract guests and affect customer experience. A restaurant’s goal is to provide a clean environment and tasty, quality food to its patrons. A messy kitchen or unsightly areas indicate disregard for the service you provide.

Avoidable Restaurant Design Mistakes

If your restaurant has these problems, make some internal changes and consider a remodel or renovation.

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