Customer experience at a restaurant starts long before the host greets a guest. Signage, exterior paint, and the condition of the parking lot or outdoor window and sidewalk make an immediate impression. Your visitors already have an opinion of your establishment before they set foot inside.

Avoidable Restaurant Exterior Design Mistakes 2

Pay keen attention to every detail that you choose for the exterior design. Below are some common mistakes that restaurant owners make:

Vague concept

Some restaurants don’t make their concept clear. Develop a definitive idea for the brand message, promise, and tone. Lay this foundation before you open. How you communicate the concept also affects your success. Flesh out the brand personality, promise, story, and position and reflect it in your exterior design, lighting, and colour.

Lack of signage

Signage is essential. Poor or unclear signage may cost a business a year’s worth of potential revenue. First check city ordinances regarding the signs you may install on and around your restaurant. Sidewalk signs advertising a nightly special can attract walk-in customers, but must not impede the movement of passersby. For the marquis sign outside your establishment, have a designer create several different options. Choose one that will be well-lit and readable at all times of the day.

No visible outdoor menuAvoidable Restaurant Exterior Design Mistakes 2

Restaurants that don’t share a menu in the window or on a menu board may be missing impulse traffic and customers. A menu board that is clean, pleasing, and current can attract hungry guests on a daily basis.

Unattractive exterior/poor lighting

A restaurant whose window boxes are unattended and filled with dead plants, has a cluttered entrance, and/or poor lighting is unwelcoming. Lighting not only attracts clientele, it improves safety. Keep your exterior window clean and sweep the outside of your establishment on a regular basis. Hire an expert contractor to install your outdoor lighting, playing up attractive architectural or design features around your entryway. Care for any live plants or landscaping around your business, so they are an advantage rather than an eyesore.

If you’re opening a new restaurant or making renovations to an old one, consider hiring a team of professional contractors. They can help with licensing, paperwork, and making your establishment’s exterior design a success.

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