26 07, 2019

Transforming a Building into a Restaurant

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Turning an old building into a place where great food, good company, and insightful conversations abound can be daunting. A restaurateur has to pour out every last ounce of effort, patience, and resources to see their dream come to life. While it can get challenging and stressful, it’s not impossible! Are you starting your journey [...]

15 06, 2019

What to Know Before Your Restaurant Renovation

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Every building needs some maintenance now and then, including restaurants. A little reinvestment is essential to remaining relevant as other establishments come and go. When you open again after the work’s all done, you might be able to branch out to new demographics and enjoy more success in the future. Before you hire a restaurant [...]

28 05, 2019

Keeping Your Doors Open During Commercial Renovations

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Renovating a commercial establishment as it remains Business As Usual can become a real challenge for business owners. There’s the pressure of ensuring that the construction work goes along successfully while making sure the business doesn’t suffer profit losses. Remodelling your space has multiple benefits for your business. In sum, these benefits include: Better use [...]

1 04, 2019

Why Office Renovation Improves Productivity and Morale

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Your workplace is a visual representation of your company. Its conditions can impact how motivated employees are to work and can shape the impressions of clients who visit your offices. Investing in office renovations can improve your bottom line. Making it a more inviting and positive space sets a vibrant tone and improves workplace morale. [...]

20 02, 2019

Using Consumer Psychology in Your Restaurant Remodel

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Introducing novel concepts and enhancing customer experience are two of the many strategies restaurants use to stay relevant among the competition and attract more customers. In the process of trying to discover customers’ interests, motivations, and comfort needs, restaurant owners can employ the concept of consumer psychology when reimagining their brands and renovating their establishments. [...]

28 01, 2019

Successful Restaurant Construction Special Secrets Revealed by the Pros

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The success of a restaurant does not simply depend on food and service -- it starts as early as the construction and design of any establishment. Smart restaurateurs partner with a professional construction and design team with the right experience, know-how, and communicative philosophy. Choosing the right construction partner can make or break your restaurant’s [...]

19 12, 2018

Canada’s Foodservice & Hospitality Event: The RC Show

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Join fellow members of the restaurant and hospitality community at the largest event catering to the industry. This February 25-26, 2019, over 18,000 professionals from the hospitality world get together for the RC Show in Toronto. It’s a trade show, conference, and networking opportunity -- and a great chance to connect with others, build your [...]

28 11, 2018

Go Pro! Why DIY’s a No-No: How Professional Renovations Save Money

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Embarking on any renovation process can be daunting, but “DIY” approaches are almost a guarantee for disaster. A professional contractor can guide you through the process and keep the entire team on the same page throughout the process. Having experts at the helm from design to the build will better ensure your vision is realized. [...]

12 10, 2018

Restaurant Renovations on a Budget: Smart Ideas to Update Your Space

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 Renovating a restaurant reboots your brand and revitalizes customer interest in your business. Keeping it looking fresh and updated can be as important to growth as what is on the menu. There are many aspects involved in a restaurant renovation including build-out, interior decor, and kitchen supplies. Cost is often the number one factor in [...]