Durable Flooring for Kitchen and Prep Areas

Commercial kitchens require a different type of flooring material to tolerate everyday wear and tear that occurs in a restaurant or “food prep” environment. Special flooring is needed where:

Food is prepared, packaged, or stored
Utensils and dishes are washed
Refuse or garbage is stored
Janitorial facilities are located
Toilet and handwashing areas exist

Draw New Customers off the Street and into Your Restaurant

Many businesses aim to be relevant and ahead of the curve. With stiff competition in the restaurant business, how do you carve out a niche in the food industry? Read on for some ideas:
Specialty Food

Create a new experience for locals with a specialty item that none of your competitors offer. Look around the neighborhood, […]

Design Trends: Make Shared Office Space More Aesthetically Pleasing

Shared workspaces bring people together, making it a lot easier to communicate with coworkers. A strong shared space design can improve morale and productivity. Here are the current interior design trends that help motivate workers to stay focused and do their best work.
Visually-Refreshing Social Spaces

Most office workers don’t enjoy feeling confined in cubicles, sitting […]

Renew Your Restaurant with New Design Elements

As a restaurant owner, you want to provide superb food and service. The environment and ambience you provide your guests is also important. A unique setting enriches client satisfaction and influences their dining experience. When you need to spruce up the interior design of your restaurant, it is important to find a professional designer […]

How to Choose the Best Workplace Design

Design for workplaces has evolved from small, sterile cubicles to open environments that encourage employee engagement and ensure productivity. It’s proven that the right design will motivate workers to continue (or begin) producing quality output.

Quiet and Interactive Zones
A workspace can be built to include cafés, breakout areas, library space, ergonomic options, and open concept […]

Psychology of the Office Interior

Whether constructing a brand new office or renovating an existing office space, consider how your design will affect the psychology of employees and clients. A business or office interior can encourage productivity, efficiency, and peak performance. It also has the ability to be a space that helps foster positive relationships. Before starting construction or […]

Prevent Costly Plumbing Problems

Plumbing issues have a way of surprising us. A leaky faucet or slow running drain is often ignored. Maybe we don’t think it’s a big deal; maybe we worry about having an unknown plumber in in our house; maybe we think we can’t afford the fix. However, a problem that worsens can cause property […]

Keep Your Office Renovation within Budget

If your company is in the market for an office remodel, one of the most important considerations is how to get the renovations you want without going over budget. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Here are some tricks to help you get the new office space you want while keeping […]

Reasons Building Projects Fail; How to Avoid Disaster

Having an excellent idea building design idea may seem simple. Implementing the plan and seeing the project finalized is much more complicated. Most construction projects are abandoned mid-way because of poor planning by the owner or contractor. To ensure your project sees the light of day, become familiar with the causes of “new building […]

Office Design Hacks to Increase Employee Productivity

Success in the business world requires creative thinking. Office environment plays a huge role in employee creativity and sense of well-being. Did you know there are simple adjustments you can make to increase morale, influence creativity, and increase the company’s bottom line?
These five simple office “hacks” will make your employees more comfortable and therefore […]