Buildings and its materials deteriorate as years pass by, especially when exposed to the changing weather and seasons. Regular inspection and building maintenance are a must to lengthen the lifespan of the building.

Routine inspection helps building owners to know the condition of their property and maintain it properly. A building is usually a big investment that requires effort and attention to ensure that its value is maintained or increased. This also prevents costly repairs that may happen when failures occur.

Here are the things that you need to check in your building:

· Floors – Check the condition of the floor in every room and floor. Has the carpeting been worn out? Are there any loose materials? Are the floors slippery? Find out if there are sloping or cracked floors and repair appropriately.

· Roof – Pay particular attention to your roof and the material used. Different roofing materials require different attention. If you have asphalt shingle roofing, you need to check the edges and ridges for wear. Look for nails that may have popped or molds on the shingles. If you have metal roofing, check for rust spots and broken joints.

· Stairs and aisles – See if the stairs and aisles are clear and well-lighted. Inspect all the handrails and handholds. Ensure that the aisles are visible and marked properly.

· Exterior material and finishes – The exterior of the building usually gets the most wear and tear due to the weather changes. Even the best material will weather through the years. Cracks may happen and this requires repair. Check the masonry for cracks and wet spots. Inspect any possible loose mortar joints. Repainting may be necessary for peeling paint.

· Emergency equipment – Ensure that all the emergency equipment in the building are certified and tested. These should be appropriate for the kind of building that you have and kept updated.

· Electrical – The lighting and electrical system in the entire building need to be in good condition. Everything needs to be working to ensure happy tenants. Bulbs should be replaced and power sockets should be working.