Join fellow members of the restaurant and hospitality community at the largest event catering to the industry. This February 25-26, 2019, over 18,000 professionals from the hospitality world get together for the RC Show in Toronto. It’s a trade show, conference, and networking opportunity — and a great chance to connect with others, build your business, and learn about new products and ideas.

While we specialize in making your bar or restaurant both functional and beautiful, we recognize the value of expanding your horizons with new products, technologies, and learning opportunities. Read on for more info!

Sustainability and Profits

Held in the Enercare Centre in Toronto’s Exhibition place this year, the RC Show can be a worthy investment for any restaurant owner, manager, or other top hospitality staff. The theme this year is SustainABILITY. The idea is to focus on a greater need to “put sustainability at the forefront of business decisions,” and help others in the industry improve their profit margin while operating with sustainable practices.

Learning Opportunities

Attend product innovation demonstrations, and culinary events. Be inspired by over 100 pioneers in business and eight pavilions full of revolutionary, cutting-edge products. You’ll also benefit from “TED-talk style” leadership talks helmed by industry leaders – as well as several education sessions.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Terry O’Reilly (Host of CBC’s Under the Influence)
  • Donald Burns (“The Restaurant Coach” and Author of “Your Restaurant Sucks!”)
  • Natalie Green (Head of Industry, Food and Beverage – Google Canada)
  • Business strategist Tony Chapman

Bartenders, baristas, and oyster-shuckers go head-to-head

Fun Competitions

With three days of competitions, presentations, demonstrations, and workshops, the RC Show is sure to have something for everyone in hospitality. If you run a large corporation, send your executives to learn industry insights, and staff will be wowed by extraordinary skills among their peers:

  • Chefs and cooks will be motivated by complimentary tastings and new cuisine.
  • Baristas can get a boost from viewing boozy coffee concoctions and latte art.
  • Bartenders will be blown away by the “speed rack” and craft cocktail competitions.
  • (It might not be too late to enter one of your employees in the oyster shuck-off!)

Networking Opportunities

Networking takes place as attendees meet in the pavilions, workshops, and talks — as well as off-site. The opening night reception (at Heritage Court) and Tuesday’s “Top-to-Top” reception (at Hotel X Toronto) provide great venues for participants to connect with industry professionals and peers — and make valuable business connections.

Learn from experts in the industry; collaborate with peers


A large variety of workshops on sustainability, increasing your bottom line, and making your business a great place to work are available:

  • Reducing Waste in Foodservice
  • How Energy Can Save You Money
  • LEAF Certification
  • Frozen Is the New Fresh
  • 5 Mistakes Bars Make with Beer
  • Find Your Community through Social Media Marketing
  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Deciphering Your Electricity Bill
  • Sustainability in Your Operations: How Less Can Be More
  • Serving Diners with Food Allergies
  • Water Conservation and Incentives
  • and many more…


It’s not too late to register. If you secure your spot before opening day on February 24, you can get the $60 pre-event price. On site, you’ll pay $80. The fee includes access to all three days of the show and a ticket to the opening night reception.

Sustainable food can be profitable

Food and Dining Trends

Restaurants Canada took the time to curate a list of the top 2019 trends those in hospitality should be watching. Workshops at the RC Show will highlight some of these concepts. They include:

  • Marine Greens – Kelp and other ocean seaweed is vitamin-rich and offers alternatives to ingredients like jerky and wheat noodles.
  • Lab-grown Meat – Given concerns about the impact meat farming has on the environment (and the growing number of customers who are avoiding traditional meat options), this can be an eco-friendly and profitable solution.
  • Cannabis Edibles — With new regulations regarding marijuana-infused edibles anticipated for 2019, new opportunities present themselves for chefs to introduce the ingredient to menus.
  • Sugar Reduction – Chefs are learning how to replace honey, raw sugar, and agave with more natural flavours, including sweet potato, butternut squash, golden beet, carrot, and corn.
  • Root to Stem Cooking – Addressing food waste, embracing the nose-to-tail practice, and using parts of fruits and vegetables we normally throw away can maximize profits.
  • Restaurant Robotics — Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech is the wave of the future for dining. Learn about kitchen and systems evolution.
  • Plant-based food and Protein – From milk alternatives to meat options, this food innovation provides a great opportunity for chefs worldwide.
  • Bar-glass Innovations (“Culinary Cocktails”) – Blended veggies, edible flowers, juiced herbs with a splash of alcohol all can energize and reinvigorate a bar menu.
  • The New Foods – Kale’s time as a trendy green has passed. New “gut flora-friendly” ingredients (like amaranth and dandelion greens) have come on the scene. New dairy alternatives and food sensitivity options are also on the horizon.

Farm-to-table and sustainable, alternative foods are the future

No matter how you slice it, there’s plenty to learn at the RC Show this year. The annual show has been in existence since 1945 and had a number of incarnations (e.g. CRA Show, HostEx, CRFA Show, Restaurants Canada Show). It’s grown over the years and is now owned and operated by the group Restaurants Canada.

How Restaurants Help the Economy

The over $85 billion Canadian restaurant industry has over 30,000 foodservice businesses. These include bars, restaurants, institutions, suppliers, and caterers. Over 1.2 million Canadians are employed by these businesses and over 22 millions customers are served each day. Working together to ensure our continued success is a key reason such trade shows and educational opportunities are promoted.

Time is a premium for everyone who’s in the hospitality and food industry. However, with a few days of continued education and inspiration at a trade show or conference, you can learn ways to increase your bottom line and motivate your team.


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