Store Renovations to Adjust to the New Normal

Months have passed since the government first sanctioned stay-at-home orders to curb the spread of COVID-19. While the threat still lingers, restrictions have been eased and shops are beginning to open once more. However, the pandemic has drastically changed the way people interact with stores and buy products. The retail industry has to adapt to [...]

9 Effective Restaurant Bathroom Renovation Tips And Ideas

Restaurants are all about good food and an exquisite atmosphere that enhances your guests’ dining experience. People have high expectations when it comes to these establishments, especially if those that are willing to pay top dollar, and you as an owner must always be ready to satisfy those expectations if you want to stay in [...]

Why Proper Restaurant Plumbing Is Essential

The value of a good plumbing system is often overlooked — even in restaurants where it has a significant impact on daily operations, from sanitation to food preparation. It should be high on the priorities list, along with strict adherence to food safety regulations. Restaurants around the world experience downtime and, in effect, revenue loss [...]

Welcoming the New Normal: Restaurant Reopening Guidelines

As we adjust to the “new normal” which the COVID-19 outbreak has brought upon us, individuals and corporations alike play a critical role in ensuring public health and safety. Businesses like restaurants and food delivery services must not only ensure sanitary food handling but also enforce tight precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the [...]

Modern Concepts and Ideas for Your Restaurant Facelift

While giving your restaurant a facelift can help boost your business, the entire process of redesigning and remodelling the place can be overwhelming. There are a multitude of ideas and concepts. Whether these are recommended by your renovation team or found on the Internet, finding the right design that fits your brand is critical. The [...]

Pros and Cons of Open Floor, Cubicles, and Hybrid Layout Offices

An office layout is the most essential factor to consider when it comes to designing your workspace. However, office layout designs have evolved over the years. From the classic cubicles to open floor spaces and hybrid layout. Choosing the best layout design does not simply boost day-to-day productivity but also maximizes the office space and [...]

Why Modern Industrial Interior Spaces Aren’t Going Away Soon

Modern glam, pale monochromatic colour schemes, and other decorating trends are out and slowly fading into obscurity as more and more people are embracing the practicality and boldness of modern industrial interiors. The modern industrial style is one of the incoming 2020 decorating trends. A few decades ago, builders would try their very best to [...]

Eliminate Heat and Smoke with Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Food establishments, like restaurants and caterers, are fraught with occupational hazards — not the least of which is the heat and smoke. Because of this, kitchen ventilation is essential in maintaining healthy indoor air quality in commercial kitchens. Good ventilation contributes to the design and operational efficiency of food establishments as well as the health [...]

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