Restaurant Renovations on a Budget: Smart Ideas to Update Your Space

 Renovating a restaurant reboots your brand and revitalizes customer interest in your business. Keeping it looking fresh and updated can be as important to growth as what is on the menu. There are many aspects involved in a restaurant renovation including build-out, interior decor, and kitchen supplies. Cost is often the number one factor […]

Avoidable Restaurant Exterior Design Mistakes

Customer experience at a restaurant starts long before the host greets a guest. Signage, exterior paint, and the condition of the parking lot or outdoor window and sidewalk make an immediate impression. Your visitors already have an opinion of your establishment before they set foot inside.

Pay keen attention to every detail that you […]

Avoidable Restaurant Design Mistakes

A restaurant’s design is an advertising tool in itself which owners can use to engage their customers. A well-thought-out design has the power to stimulate a customer’s five senses, enhancing their dining experience. Careful planning is also essential to make your restaurant stand out among the competition.

Win customer loyalty and approval by having a […]

Make the Most of Your Restaurant Renovation

Renovating your restaurant every few years helps your business stay current and on trend. Even if your restaurant is doing well, upgrading facilities and implementing a new style can help you keep up with the demands of your clientele and attract new customers.

Use these tips to get the most out of your restaurant renovations:


Tips for a Successful Restaurant Renovation

Renovating a restaurant is a gargantuan task, but it can pay off in dividends – if it’s done right. Here are recommended tips on how to renovate your restaurant successfully, increase your profits, and win over customers (both old and new):

1. Begin with a strong plan.
A well-thought-out plan is the number one step for […]

Why Kitchen Ventilation is Important

A restaurant kitchen (unlike a residential kitchen) needs a special ventilation system because it creates more heat. The large volume of food cooked and the methods used make a commercial or restaurant kitchen a very hot place. Without proper ventilation, heat and grease could potentially become health hazards.

An efficient HVAC system benefits a restaurant […]

Retrofit, Remodel, or Renovate: What Does Your Restaurant Project Require?

Restaurants, like many businesses, need occasional reinvention to ensure continued success in what can be a cut-throat industry. There are three changes that a restaurateur may choose for his/her establishment, depending on its needs and desired goals. Here are the “three Rs” in restaurant updating, arranged from the least to most invasive:

A retrofit is […]

Durable Flooring for Kitchen and Prep Areas

Commercial kitchens require a different type of flooring material to tolerate everyday wear and tear that occurs in a restaurant or “food prep” environment. Special flooring is needed where:

Food is prepared, packaged, or stored
Utensils and dishes are washed
Refuse or garbage is stored
Janitorial facilities are located
Toilet and handwashing areas exist

Design Trends: Make Shared Office Space More Aesthetically Pleasing

Shared workspaces bring people together, making it a lot easier to communicate with coworkers. A strong shared space design can improve morale and productivity. Here are the current interior design trends that help motivate workers to stay focused and do their best work.
Visually-Refreshing Social Spaces

Most office workers don’t enjoy feeling confined in cubicles, sitting […]

How to Choose the Best Workplace Design

Design for workplaces has evolved from small, sterile cubicles to open environments that encourage employee engagement and ensure productivity. It’s proven that the right design will motivate workers to continue (or begin) producing quality output.

Quiet and Interactive Zones
A workspace can be built to include cafés, breakout areas, library space, ergonomic options, and open concept […]