With more than 15 years of experience as one of the leading commercial contractors in Toronto, PT General Contractor Inc. is proud of its contribution to the business growth in the Toronto area. As one of the top commercial builders in Toronto, we have answered the call of several business entities in the city in need of commercial building services. Through the years, we have worked on general office buildings, mercantile stores, educational edifices, service centers, warehouses and storages, medical facilities, and many other more.

At PT General Contractor Inc., we are more than happy to provide our years of expertise and knowledge, helping anyone in need of commercial building services in Toronto. Since 1999, we have served clients in Scarborough, the Greater Toronto Area, and Ontario, providing a full array of construction services in the commercial, industrial, hospitality, and recreational sectors. Our professional team of carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and commercial builders in Toronto are more than happy to attend to your needs, providing expert advice and high quality results from the start until completion of the project. Rest assured that all construction and renovation projects we handle are manned by some of the most skilled commercial builders in Toronto, who have been in this line of work for several years.

Whatever the scope of the project will be, PT General Contractor Inc. is committed to exceeding your expectations, providing nothing but high-quality results. Our qualified staff will assist you from the design stage of the project, all the way to the completion of your building or renovation. In the past, we have already demonstrated our ability to get along with building owners, their representatives, tenants, subcontractors, and even those tasked by the government to regulate these projects. Trust PT General Contractor Inc. to provide topnotch commercial building services in Toronto. Call us today!