Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials, used all over the world. The material can be found in almost all buildings, roads, walkways, driveways and other residential and commercial facilities. The Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) records that, in Australia, concrete, compared with other building materials is the most widely used construction material. The case is no different with Toronto. Toronto commercial builders can attest to the fact that most building projects, especially commercial projects, utilize concrete. So, why is concrete so popular? Firstly, the material is easily available in all areas of the world. Secondly, as described below, the benefits that it offers affect the environment, the builders and the residents equally. No wonder so many commercial property developers will opt to go with concrete in their construction projects.

Concrete for Commercial Buildings: Is it Ideal?

The following are the benefits of using concrete for commercial buildings:


When constructing a commercial building, you want something that is really durable. A building that you can collect money from for a really long time. To achieve this, you will need to use a construction material with this benefit. Concrete is known for its durability, going for up to a 100 years. Additionally, the cement used in its preparation tends to better and strengthen with age.

Concrete for Commercial Buildings: Is it Ideal?


When planning a construction project, you must be able to strike a balance between sustainability as well as economic benefits of the project, particularly, in the case of a commercial building because people will judge your commitment to the environment by considering such factors. Concrete is a great on the environment. According to Concrete for energy efficient buildings, the benefits of thermal mass concrete is highly energy-efficient. Being very efficient in solar gain, it reduces the amount of heating required. The high thermal mass in this material helps achieve thermal stability, helping save on energy. In addition, concrete does not emit any toxins that would possibly pollute the environment.


Curb appeal will make it easier to attract clients to your commercial building. Concrete can help you achieve this. There are so many types of concretes that can be used on different surfaces. Concrete also comes in many designs and can be patterned as you desire. Additionally, it can be easily made to mimic stone and other expensive building materials.

Concrete for Commercial Buildings: Is it Ideal?


The safety of your commercial building occupants should be among your top priorities when choosing a construction material. Concrete will help you increase the safety of your building. The material is non-combustible and hence resistant to fire. Therefore, it minimizes the risk of fire in your commercial premises.

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