These days, the quality of your menu is no longer the sole attraction to potential patrons. Thanks to social media, the appearance of your restaurant, the presentation of your food, and the overall concept of your restaurant can affect your reputation. Whether you’re about to open a restaurant, or are looking to renovate an existing one, here are some tips to create an attractive concept for your restaurant’s interior.

What is a Restaurant Concept?

A restaurant concept is the overall theme that gives your restaurant an identity. You can gain inspiration for the concept of your restaurant from a variety of sources, including your heritage, travel experiences, traditions, or interests. Every detail of your restaurant, from its name to the colours of the walls, must contribute to its overall concept.

Elements of a Restaurant Concept

  • Name of your restaurant

    The name of your restaurant is crucial to your image. It should reflect the cuisine, as well as the experience you want to create for your patrons. Choose a name that is simple and memorable. The name should also be relatable to your concept, as something too obscure may dissuade potential customers from coming in to enjoy your unique restaurant experience.

  • Presentation of the menu

    menu presentation

    Decide on how you will present your menu to your patrons. Will you list menu items on a board by the cashier, or will you hand out individual menus to your customers? You may also decide if you wish to list any ingredients used in your dishes, describe the manner in which they are cooked, or give a brief description of each dish.

  • Style of service

    The way your servers interact with your patrons will also play a role in the concept of your restaurant. Train your employees well and let them know the level of service customers will expect from your establishment.

  • Overall Ambience


    Aside from your food, the ambience of your restaurant is what will draw patrons in. Do you want your restaurant’s ambiance to be romantic and intimate, or more fun and casual?

How to Choose a Concept for Your Restaurant

  • Study your target market

    target market

    Do thorough research on consumers in your area and what they are looking for. Consider the need and wants of potential customers and do your best to cater to those demands.

    Furthermore, try to anticipate what patrons will expect when they arrive in your restaurant. For example, if you advertise a casual restaurant, but patrons arrive to find something more upscale with a pricey menu, they may feel as though they’ve been mislead. Make sure to advertise appropriately in order to attract your target audience.

  • Be consistent

    Every detail of your restaurant should have a common thread to tie everything together. While introducing seasonal changes is a good idea to keep the menu fresh and interesting, make sure that the changes still reflect the overall tone of your restaurant.

  • Other factors to consider

    When designing the interior of your restaurant, other factors to be considered include:

    • Location of your establishment
    • The culture of the people in your area
    • Your budget or capital that you’re willing to invest
    • Your competition

When working on the interior of your restaurant, the contractor you hire can have a significant effect on the project. Hire a professional contractor to assist you in a smooth construction process.

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