An office layout is the most essential factor to consider when it comes to designing your workspace. However, office layout designs have evolved over the years. From the classic cubicles to open floor spaces and hybrid layout. Choosing the best layout design does not simply boost day-to-day productivity but also maximizes the office space and communication among your staff.

As promising as it sounds, making the right decision does not come easy. Without careful consideration, choosing the wrong type of office layout design could cause various issues, such as employee productivity, job satisfaction, and work-life balance. Every office has unique needs. Instead of focusing on convenience and what’s popular, take the time to weigh all the possible pros and cons of the top 3 frequently used layouts, based on the needs of your office staff.

One important thing to note, however, is that no matter which commercial office layout you choose, a reliable office renovations service provider like PT General Contractor Inc. can help you make the most of your space.

Open Floor Office

Open floor offices are a popular choice for many startup companies

The open floor office layout has increasingly become a go-trend in modern offices, including creative firms and tech startups. This trendy office layout features a large room with a single long table shared among employees with low or without partitions at all. Office workers to sit close to each other in a shared space, allowing them to easily communicate and collaborate with each other.


Office staff can easily communicate, interact, and collaborate with each other

  • Enhanced Communication – Having an open floor space simply eliminates the communication barrier among office staff. It allows employees to easily interact and engage with each other in a single vicinity, discuss creative ideas and listen to their different perspectives on a group project or make critical business decisions. Also, open floor offices make the interaction between various departments easier by allowing cross-functional teams to collaborate with each other. It helps boost employee morale since it makes everyone in the office feel like part of the team.
  • Customizable and Flexible – With an open-floor office, you don’t have to stick to a single layout for years. It allows you to rearrange the layout easily to fit more employees to your growing company. You can even experiment with different layouts every 6 months to keep things fresh.
  • Cost-Effective – Startup companies often prefer open-floor office spaces. Why? It is not only trendy, but it also helps them save money. Think about how much a plethora of single desks and cubicles can cost a startup company with limited financial resources.


  • Noise and Distraction – The biggest downside of many open-floor offices is disruption which can interfere with daily work. While it allows employees to easily communicate and discuss things together, it can disrupt the focus of nearby workers who are working on different tasks. Additionally, employees often get tempted to talk about non-work related topics. This layout can lead to reduced concentration and demotivation, affecting employee performance.
  • Lack of Privacy – Lack of privacy is often a problem in offices with an open floor plan. Sharing space at a single large table with other colleagues make personal conversation or short moment of solitude difficult.
  • Creates Stress and Anxiety – Everyone sees everyone else in an open office layout. This can cause stress and anxiety, especially for introverted employees and newbies who do not yet feel comfortable in the group setting. It can also make employees feel as if supervisors are constantly checking on them over their shoulders and judging their work.

Cubicle Office Layout

Office cubicles provide staff with privacy and a sense of ownership

The classic cubicle layout remains a popular option for corporate offices. This type of office layout features a 3-sided partition wall that surrounds the desk, giving it a squarish or cubicle shape.


Employees can find privacy and solace with office cubicles

  • More Personalized – Cubicle workspace layout provides your employees with a sense of ownership, allowing them to personalize their individual workstation like putting up a family photo and hang posters. This also helps improve their overall mood as they feel more comfortable working at their office desks.
  • Greater Sense of Privacy – Working on their own office desk in their own cubicle gives your employees a greater sense of privacy and ownership without feeling secluded from the others. Office cubicles are often the solution, especially when working on sensitive subjects and making important client calls.
  • Increased Productivity – The partition walls act as a barrier to unnecessary noise and distractions. Less noise and fewer distractions help improve employee productivity. It minimizes the stress and anxiety levels, as well as allowing employees to stay focused on their tasks.


  • Less Employee Interaction – While walls provide your employees with greater privacy, it also limits social interaction in the office. Staff often work in an isolated mood, stifling collaboration with other employees. This is not an ideal office for creatives who usually feed off of one another’s inspirations.
  • Restricted Space – Working in a small-spaced cubicle can make a worker feel claustrophobic. Leaving your staff uncomfortable and antsy forces them to wander around the office, causing a distraction to others. If you choose this office layout option, make sure to ensure the proper space planning so that your staff can feel comfortable in their workstation.

Hybrid Office Layout

Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid office layout design

As the drawbacks of both open floor and cubicle office layouts are better understood, many business owners are looking for alternatives to create the right balance for their office layout design. A hybrid office captures the best of both worlds.

While the majority of the desk arrangement follows the concept of an open floor office, it also has several enclosed spaces for meetings and team efforts. Like open-floor offices, it encourages employees to collaborate with each other. On the other hand, it also provides employees who want to find privacy or solace while working.

Hybrid offices help attract and retain more talents because of their modern, attractive workspaces complete with natural lighting, greenery, comfortable furnishings, and the latest technology. However, since a hybrid office is a combination of open floor and cubicle office layout, it also presents the combined disadvantages of the 2 office layouts.

When choosing the most efficient office design, make sure to consider crucial factors that go beyond simple space divisions and furniture choices. Do not just settle for current trends; your office layout should reflect on the mission, function, and core values of your company. Lastly, make sure that the layout should serve your business growth, branding, and performance goals while providing comfort to employees.

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