Shared workspaces bring people together, making it a lot easier to communicate with coworkers. A strong shared space design can improve morale and productivity. Here are the current interior design trends that help motivate workers to stay focused and do their best work.

Visually-Refreshing Social Spaces

Make Shared Office Space More Aesthetically Pleasing

Most office workers don’t enjoy feeling confined in cubicles, sitting from 9 to 5. Encourage employees to move and engage with one another by adding lounges and other social meeting places. While a water cooler is one attraction, a pleasant lunch or coffee break room — or an area with some comfortable sofas or lounge chairs — can create balance at work, and help employees feel refreshed and energized when they are back at their desks.

A comfortable meeting space can also put tam members at ease during long planning sessions or while collaborating on a project.

Make Room for More

Make Shared Office Space More Aesthetically Pleasing3

Inspired, open-plan workspace layouts that have natural lighting, windows, and are easy to move around create a positive environment, and are healthier for busy minds.

Bold Colours and Patterns

Colour psychology can transform your workspace and positively affect the mood and productivity of workers. Studies show that colours can spark creativity and improve focus. Blue, green, and yellow are good choices for walls, furniture, or accents.

Oriented Strand Board

Make Shared Office Space More Aesthetically Pleasing

This material is made of particle board which absorbs sound. “OSB” installed in flooring and walls will insulate the sound in shared office spaces. In addition to that sound deadening benefit, it adds texture to the interior. Some designers use it for accent pieces near counters, lighting, and seating areas.

Café Inspiration

Take the energetic vibe of a social space you enjoy (like a coffee shop) and allow it to inspire functional, productive, and professional elements to add to the office.

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