Commercial kitchens require a different type of flooring material to tolerate everyday wear and tear that occurs in a restaurant or “food prep” environment. Special flooring is needed where:

  • Food is prepared, packaged, or stored
  • Utensils and dishes are washed
  • Refuse or garbage is stored
  • Janitorial facilities are located
  • Toilet and handwashing areas exist
  • “Self-serve” food and beverages for customers (e.g. salad bars, soda fountains)
  • Wait stations are constructed
  • Employees change clothing (e.g. “locker rooms”)

There are three main types of flooring material that restaurants and commercial kitchens for these various areas, to improve durability and safety:

Durable Flooring for Kitchen and Prep Areas

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is often used in busy commercial kitchens for its high durability, stain-resistance and the fact it is easy to clean. The tiles are made from clay and other sediment that is heated at high temperatures, hardening the material to make it strong. Ceramic tiles are impervious to water penetration and stains.

Commercial Vinyl

Vinyl is a tough, thin material that takes on the physical properties of the surface where it is laid. When installed on top of a surface like hard concrete, floor becomes is resistant to damage, though it will not be particularly shock-absorbent.

Durable Flooring for Kitchen and Prep Areas

There are particular standards when installing commercial vinyl:

  •  100% vinyl composition – no paper backing
  •  No embossed imprint or wear layer
  • Minimum 0.80 inch layer thickness of material throughout
  •  A “waxless” or “no-wax” surface means that greasy cleaners or wax should not be applied to the vinyl

Natural Stone Tile

Durable Flooring for Kitchen and Prep Areas

Natural stone is constructed from a variety of materials dug from earth. Not all types of natural stone are appropriate for kitchen and prep areas, but those that are suitable are used in non-slip floors. Restaurant designs with an open kitchen benefit from the aesthetic textures and colours natural stone provides.

Investing in quality flooring for your commercial kitchen and prep areas improves safety factors for employees and guests. It can also add to your restaurant’s aesthetic value. PT General Contractor, Inc. works with our clients to create safe, beautiful environments in any establishment. Call us today at (416) 757-9100 today!