Good food and service are the foundations for a successful restaurant business. But an often overlooked third foundation that is almost as essential is to have a beautiful restaurant interior for customers to dine in. Ambiance and interior play vital roles in making a restaurant a complete dining experience.

Designing your restaurant interior is something that every restaurant owner should consider very carefully. Here are some essentials you need to look at for your restaurants interior design.

Capacity and Ambiance

Balancing the maximum number of seating capacity in your restaurant together with the ambiance that you want to achieve is a must. Having enough seats is what you need to ensure quick service, and turn a profit. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it so that the comfort and ambiance is still there, and people aren’t tripping over each other.

Balance the available space that you have with the ambiance. Ensure that your customers are comfortable and not packed in like a rush hour subway ride. Each person should have at least a meter and a half of space to sit in.


Extend your brand to the look of your restaurant. Always consider your branding when planning or building your restaurant’s interior. It has to match the look of your brand to create consistency.

Your menu’s, server uniforms, pictures, furniture and everything else, creates an overall look of your interior, everything has to equal your brand. The restaurant interior should create a general impression that fits your idea of the restaurant, not leave people wondering what type of restaurant you have.

Form and Function

Mix interesting form and look of your interior with function. This allows you to maximize space and comfort, while making sure that every corner has its use.

Consider the color palette and the focal points of your interior. Ensure that you’re not just choosing something that you think looks interesting, but that it also has a purpose.


Essentials in Restaurant InteriorBe honest with what you can and cannot afford. Work with a budget in designing your restaurant interior. This helps you define what you can achieve in your restaurant. When working with a budget, you can be creative in achieving the look you want without breaking the bank.

When designing, or redesigning or building your restaurant, don’t just focus on the food, think about what you would like to see in a restaurant when you eat there. A comfortable setting is almost as important as the food itself.