Embarking on any renovation process can be daunting, but “DIY” approaches are almost a guarantee for disaster. A professional contractor can guide you through the process and keep the entire team on the same page throughout the process. Having experts at the helm from design to the build will better ensure your vision is realized.

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An individual architect or interior designer will guide any restaurant owner as they embark on the process of making changes to their establishment. However, a full-service contractor will already have every necessary team member in place, along with their technicians and builders. You’ll know you’re hiring a group of people who are experienced working together. By joining forces with an established team, you create a cohesive concept for your space, and have a strong estimate of costs from start to finish.

The Risks of DIY Renovations

If they only get expert help for design, some restaurant owners may be tempted to take on tasks themselves. Their thinking is that they’ll be able to cut costs by doing so. However, proceeding without professional guidance not only increases the likelihood of costly errors and delays, it raises health and safety risks for all involved, both during the renovation and afterwards.


Workplace injuries are a possibility whenever renovations take place; this is why professionals adhere to a strict safety plan, including the use of protective clothing. Construction work accounts for a disproportionate number of all workplace injuries, regardless of the scale of a particular project. The use of advanced machinery, precision tools, and toxic chemicals contribute to the risk factor in renovation work. Leaving this responsibility to professionals guarantees that proper precautions are taken, with all safety protocols observed.

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Safety is just one of the risks of DIY work. When considering renovations, there are many reasons to avoid tackling a project that’s outside the scope of one’s previous experience. First and foremost among the priorities for most renovators is cost-effectiveness.

Nine Ways Going Pro Saves Money

    1. Discounted Materials – Professionals have access to the newest materials, and will determine which are best suited to your project, for the price you want to pay. They will know when these materials are available for the lowest price (since prices can shift from week to week), and plan their building schedule accordingly.


    1. Permits and Code Requirements – Do you have the necessary building permits for your particular expansion or rebuild? Avoid costly fixes and backtracking by taking advantage of contractors’ up-to-the-minute knowledge of local policy. Additionally, restaurants have strict health and safety requirements; experienced contractors are familiar with the health inspection process, and prevent errors that could result in restaurant closures and harsh service restrictions.


    1. Technical Knowledge – Experts save time by deciphering technical terminology and facilitating communication between specialists. They have access to the newest technologies, and an understanding of innovative techniques. They are familiar with every step of a renovation process, and have top-of-the-line tools and equipment required to complete each task.


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    1. Knowledge of Trends – Professionals can spare you the expense of having to update your restaurant’s “look” in the event that your re-design ultimately feels out of date. They’ll work with you to create a look that feels timeless, yet fresh and of-the-moment.


    1. Changes to the Original Plan – Planning a renovation is exciting; it can be tempting to forge ahead prematurely, before your ideas have been carefully converted into a concrete plan. However, circumstances change; what initially seemed like a clear vision can get muddied as complications arise. It’s not enough to know what you want your restaurant to look like; you must select which special features you desire and know the specific function of each remodeled element. When mid-process changes are necessary, added building costs and stalled work schedules may result. A professional company will help you articulate your vision and walk you through potential challenges, thereby reducing the chance of unforeseen changes.


    1. Expert Staff – Time is money, and inexperienced workers take longer to complete tasks. Professionals are used to working as a team to complete your renovation quickly and efficiently, allowing your daily operations to resume as soon as possible, reducing down time and loss of income.


    1. Accurate Pricing – Putting together a team of varied contractors can result in communication issues between parties, with prices rising accordingly. Choosing an experienced full-service company will give you a more accurate bottom line, with specialists working as a team in order to maximize cost-efficiency.


    1. Liability Insurance – If anything goes wrong at any stage of the process, an established renovation company provides coverage for additional costs, sparing you the added stress and expense of emergency repairs and damage costs. To determine whether a general contractor has the requisite coverage, check with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.


  1. A Solid Game-Plan – Professionals can implement your renovation process step-by-step, getting the results you want as efficiently as possible. They know how to prioritize, how long the project should take, and when it’s safe to move onto the next phase of construction. Rushing a rebuild can result in costly errors. Adhering to a detailed building schedule permits time for reassessment and consultation at every new stage, allowing your vision to be realized with precision.

Restaurant renovations are exciting; a new look can bring in a whole new clientele, revitalizing your brand while increasing efficiency and worker satisfaction. Choosing the right contractors for your venue is key to the success of your vision.

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Choosing a General Contractor

In general, you have four major factors to consider:

    • Range of services – Look for a “full service” company, one that handles everything from initial design to electrical work and plumbing.


    • Reputation – Ask friends and family for recommendations, read online reviews, and consult reputable rating sources such as the Better Business Bureau.


    • Area of Expertise– Restaurant owners value pros with a history of tailoring their process to a restaurant environment- one which entails different risk-assessment factors and style considerations than a home renovation.


  • Location – Collaborating with a local company makes it easier to check references, and proceed with any follow-up work after the initial rebuild.

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With the right experts you’ll have the peace of mind to trust that whatever challenges arise, your contractors are committed to a unified vision, every step of the way.

When planning your restaurant renovation, avoid DIY mishaps by choosing professionals. PT General Contractor is a full-service employee-owned company, serving Toronto and the GTA since 1999. Get in touch at (416) 757-9100 to learn how our team of licensed experts can make your renovation a reality.