Hiring the right electrician for the job shouldn’t be too difficult. Whether for a residence or a business, electricians can specialize in different aspects of electrical systems. There are questions one can ask regarding an electrician’s ability to complete a desired task. Below are a few ways to measure an electrician’s capability to offer quality general electrical services.

Customer Service

This may not sound like an essential aspect of electrical service, but it is. How responsive was the electrical company when initially contacted? Hiring an electrician for a major project that may span the course of several weeks will not be easy with an electrician that does not promptly respond to voicemail or emails. If you’ve called the electrical service and have had more interaction with voice prompts and automated email scripts than actual human beings, this service is not worth your time and certainly not worth the money in the long term. Premium electrical companies value their customers and will even have technicians available on weekends.


Experience will be the first clue that the electrical firm is able to handle a job of any scope. Research the site, read reviews, and try to compare this information with what is needed on your personal project. If you need a type of service that requires special certification, it is good to research if the service is offered, and also, how past customers might have reviewed it. This is the day of yelp, when customer communication is instantaneous. Finding evidence that the company has a long history successfully completing similar projects should not be that difficult. If word of mouth is the only evidence you’ve got, then getting a technician on the phone should be the next step in determining the firm’s ability.


Getting the electrician on the phone is the first step. Now, what questions should be asked? This isn’t easy for people who may have never hired an electrician for an electrical project before. Securing the best electrical services for a home or business requires the ability to assess a specific level of skill needed. Therefore, it helps to research the company, project desired, and don’t be afraid to write down some key points you need to go over with the technician. It is easy to get lost in electrical jargon and sales tactics once you are on the phone. Even projects that seem small and need a minimal amount of electrical experience deserve an experienced technician. Electricity is one of the most dangerous components of a home’s energy system if not used or installed properly. Look for companies with a professional ethos who are also able to answer questions regarding your project.


How to Get the Right Electrician for the Job

This is a clincher, but getting precise electrical pricing on specific or combination electrical projects will sometimes not be possible over the phone. That is why companies that offer free quotes or reasonably priced quotes are valuable. Depending upon the location of the business or residence that requires an electrical update, certified technicians should have no problem with taking a look at the project to get exact specifications in order to provide a price. There are also other factors that will contribute to pricing. Timing of the service needed, for example, in the case of an emergency, can affect pricing. Complexity of the project will also affect the way a project is priced.

Taking all of these guidelines into consideration should help you find a responsible and experienced electrical technician firm that will be able to complete your project in a timely manner. General electrical services should also be priced competitively, so remember to shop around and consider your options or contact PT General Electric for your general electrical services today.