Success in the business world requires creative thinking. Office environment plays a huge role in employee creativity and sense of well-being. Did you know there are simple adjustments you can make to increase morale, influence creativity, and increase the company’s bottom line?

These five simple office “hacks” will make your employees more comfortable and therefore more productive:

1. Lighting

Office Design Hacks to Increase Employee Productivity

In a study from the American Society of Interior Design, it was found that 68 percent of employees are dissatisfied with the amount of lighting in their offices. Both artificial and natural lighting can be used to make employees feel more relaxed and focused. Utilizing natural light sources, such as windows, and providing non-fluorescent lighting (e.g. desk lamps or tall torchieres) allows eyes to take a temporary break from computer and work screens.

2. Temperature

Office Design Hacks to Increase Employee Productivity

Extreme temperatures negatively affect productivity, making it difficult to concentrate and workers more prone to errors. A too-hot or too-cold environment can cost a company up to ten percent productivity per hour. In a study done by CareerBuilder, 22 percent of full time workers complained about office temperature and suspected their employer made thermostat changes to save money. The ideal temperature for productivity is between 69 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Furniture Arrangement

Furniture arrangement can also play a part in decreased productivity. The pieces you place in the work environment should be arranged to minimize clutter, provide adequate working space, and positioned so eyes can take breaks from time to time. The furniture itself doesn’t have to be expensive and modern but should be somewhat pleasing to the eye.

Office Design Hacks to Increase Employee Productivity

4. Artwork

Art affects worker motivation and state of mind. You don’t have to install an original Monet, but creating a welcoming atmosphere enhances the workday experience and impresses clients and customers. Even motivational posters and photos of landscapes could improve positive thinking.

5. Personal Expression

Office Design Hacks to Increase Employee Productivity

Employees sometimes gain inspiration through personal photos or certificates of achievement near their work space. Allowing for personal expression will help increase motivation.

Keeping employees happy and productive is a win/win for everyone.

Of course, the best office design hack is creating an adequate employee environment right from the start. Our highly trained team can offer suggestions on design, colour schemes and even furniture choice. Get a consultation on office renovation today by contacting PT General Contractor: (416) 757-9100.