A restaurant kitchen (unlike a residential kitchen) needs a special ventilation system because it creates more heat. The large volume of food cooked and the methods used make a commercial or restaurant kitchen a very hot place. Without proper ventilation, heat and grease could potentially become health hazards.

Why Kitchen Ventilation is Important

An efficient HVAC system benefits a restaurant in the following ways:

1. Better Air Quality
Prolonged exposure to intense smoke and heat in an enclosed space can create respiratory problems and/or eye irritation. Without proper ventilation, the temperature in a kitchen increases significantly, which affects employees — and guests in the dining area. too, A well-working HVAC system allows air and heat to escape, controlling the air quality.

2. Reduces Grease Formation
Food preparation, especially frying, allows grease to evaporate, making it airborne. Grease sticks to walls and ceilings, affecting kitchen cleanliness and hygiene. Grease also affects the quality of food served. An HVAC system reduces grease particles.

Why Kitchen Ventilation is Important

3. Controls Odours
A properly ventilated kitchen also prevents odours, improving food quality and the overall customer experience. Controlling kitchen smells also prevents them from spreading to other areas of the restaurant.

4. Standard Requirement
An effective HVAC system in your restaurant kitchen keeps you in line with legal codes.

Why Kitchen Ventilation is Important

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