While giving your restaurant a facelift can help boost your business, the entire process of redesigning and remodelling the place can be overwhelming. There are a multitude of ideas and concepts. Whether these are recommended by your renovation team or found on the Internet, finding the right design that fits your brand is critical. The right restaurant concept and idea will help excite your guests and keep them coming back for more.

To help you narrow down your options, we rounded several amazing concepts and ideas that will make your restaurant the talk of the town!

Elements of a Restaurant Concept

Keep your guests coming back for more

A restaurant concept refers to the general theme that defines the restaurant. A variety of elements contribute to the overall concept, including:

  • Restaurant Name

If you’re thinking of rebranding, one thing to consider is the name of your restaurant. It should provide your customers with a clear idea of what type of food you offer.

Its name does not need to be fancy or unique to make customers remember you. Your restaurant name just needs to be memorable, simple, and authentic. While there are various ways to name a restaurant. Some restaurant names are location-based or inspired by a family member or a signature dish.

  • Menu

The majority of restaurant menus simply include the description of their food — ingredients, method of cooking, and images. Make sure your menu reflects the context of your food and the overall theme of your restaurant.

  • Style of Service

The service style your restaurant offers should directly relate to your concept, which affects the overall experience of your guests. Here are the different types of services that impact your concept:

    • Fine dining
    • Family style
    • Bistro
    • Mid-scale dining
    • Fast food
    • Buffet
    • Pop-up
    • Food truck
    • Ghost restaurant
    • Bar
    • Coffee shop
    • Fast-casual
  • Ambiance and Decor

While many restaurants focus their attention and efforts on their food, wall colour, lighting, table settings, decor, music, and furniture also affect the overall impact of your modern restaurant design. These factors should be decided early on in the planning process.

Determine if you want a fun, casual vibe or a romantic spot for date nights. Simply take the needs of your guests into consideration, and you will be able to use them as helpful reference points in determining the right decor and theme for your restaurant.

Restaurant Design Ideas to Explore in 2020

Whatever path you want to take, developing a restaurant design should reflect your brand’s image. Although there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to designing your modern restaurant, use these basic guidelines to keep you on track:

  • Wall Art and Mural

Add dimension to your restaurant space with a splash of art

Restaurant guests cannot resist taking selfies with Instagram-worthy wall art or murals. Adding eye-catching or one-of-a-kind artistic displays on your wall can make your business shareable. It can amplify your publicity efforts when your customers share their pictures in their social media accounts — much more if it becomes viral.

Don’t have enough room inside for a mural art? Make it your modern restaurant design for the exterior of the building instead.

  • Typography

Using the right typography in your signage or decor can also benefit your restaurant design. Bold graphics, marquee letters, and old-school neon signs bring fun to your design scheme. You can also go for custom-made typography with a quote or phrase that reflects your restaurant’s vibe and theme. To round it all up, you can also use your chosen typography on your menus.

  • Go Green

An eco-friendly theme can freshen up your restaurant

Decorating the interior of your restaurant with lots of greenery can benefit both the restaurant space and your guests. Plants can exude beauty and relaxation while allowing your guest to breathe cleaner air.

In addition to striking visuals and a healthier environment, having indoor plants in your restaurants, particularly herbs can add a touch of freshness to your dishes.

  • Think Simple

Simplicity doesn’t mean boring. Many restaurant owners go with a minimalist look, a style that has gained popularity in recent years. Think about clean lines, simple colour schemes, and natural materials.

However, take into account that simple designs are often more complex. Because it involves fewer elements, it can be difficult to pull off well and mistakes can be obvious. Every little detail matters.

  • Open Up Space

Making your kitchen a part of your decor can be a unique focal point in your restaurant. If you do not have adequate space for this kind of design, why not consider an exposed wine cellar to give your customers a glimpse of the back of the house? This is an effective way to invite your guests to get close and talking about your products.

  • Mind the Lighting


A good lighting system can have a huge impact on any space. It adds to the overall aesthetics and creates the desired ambiance for your guests. Consider how you want your customers to feel while dining in your restaurant to decide on your lighting scheme. Additionally, the type of lighting you decide on can also help your restaurant save on your electricity bill and promote the safety of your staff.

  • Choose a Theme

There’s no need to go overboard when it comes to choosing a theme for your restaurant. Additionally, it may not always be a good idea to rely on the latest trends. Chances are it will look outdated in a few years, which could mean another renovation project.

Simply choose a theme that reflects your brand or menu. Whether you’re going for a classic theme or one that’s more out-of-the-box, make sure it has staying power.

  • Functionality is Key

Functionality plays a critical role in the success of your restaurant in allowing you to maintain your bottom line. If you think that your restaurant is too small, hire a professional restaurant kitchen designer to plan your layout and maximize the use of space. Your restaurant doesn’t have to be large to accommodate your operations.

No matter what decor ideas you have for your small restaurant, the right layout will keep it from being crowded or cramped.

  • Embrace the Classic

You can’t go wrong with the classic

Although the majority of new restaurants welcome the latest trends, most French bistros, classic pizzeria shops, and ‘50s-style diners still embrace the classic theme. It has been tried and tested by time. Though these themes have been around for a while, they continue to be a mainstay.

If you do go with a more classic aesthetic, add your own personal twist.

Your restaurant design and concept should be all about giving your guests a comfortable environment that allows them to enjoy good food whether alone or in the company of their friends and/or family. However, it needs to be consistent and in harmony with your brand. Once you find the right concept and design, stick with it. Different seasons may bring changes in your restaurant, but make sure to maintain the overall tone so that your guests know what to expect and continue to enjoy the experience.

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