Modern glam, pale monochromatic colour schemes, and other decorating trends are out and slowly fading into obscurity as more and more people are embracing the practicality and boldness of modern industrial interiors. The modern industrial style is one of the incoming 2020 decorating trends.

A few decades ago, builders would try their very best to hide any imperfections for offices and restaurants. Interior designers would keep any “eyesore” at bay with bulky furniture and accents; but these days, pipes, unfinished walls, protruding electrical connections, and all other imperfections make for the basic features of an industrial-finished space.

The industrial interior design incorporates the charm of an old-world look with a sleek modern touch. This design trend takes inspiration from industrial spaces that mostly feature lofts, wood, exposed bricks, unique but minimalist lighting fixtures, and plenty of concrete. This interior aesthetic became popular in the late 2000s and has been carried on until now. Every 2020 interior trends listing features modern industrial touches.

Characteristics of Modern Industrial Spaces

It is easy to identify a modern industrial space because of elements that are characteristic of that warehouse look. If you are planning to convert your own space to get your piece of the 2020 home and office design trends action, here are some elements that you can incorporate:

Interesting lighting fixtures are common in modern industrial design.

  • Unique industrial lights

Unlike vintage lights that are lavish and mostly feminine in design, industrial lights take a more neutral and sometimes masculine route. These are practical and utilize geometric shapes, wires, and skeletal frames among others make it possible to rearrange them in different styles. By choosing the right industrial lighting, you can achieve the authentic industrial interior. To follow this popular 2020 interior trends highlight install stunning industrial lighting fixtures to your space.

  • Open spaces

Many interior design trends campaign for being primarily spacious, but there is nothing that has quite mastered the art of open spaces than modern industrial. Since it follows the idea of warehouses converted into living spaces, there is much floor room to play with. Often using a minimalist design, you can have more room for adding contrasting elements like vintage fixtures or an interesting modern painting.

  • Vintage furniture and accessories

Industrial chic or modern industrial interior design remains a top contender in the list of interior design trends in 2020. This style combines utilitarian designs with the rustic charm of worn-out (read: vintage) furniture — especially if they come in raw and aged woods. If you have feminine pieces like a big sofa in bold colour, make it the centrepiece for an edgier look. Achieve a perfect mix of raw materials exposed and keeping the green design very much evident.

Who knew metal frames would make charming accents?

  • Metal accents

Metal wall and door accents are unmistakable features of industrial design. Often mixed with brick and wood, the metal accents provide that additional gray in the scheme, a colour that is identifiably industrial.

  • Exposed Ducts and Pipes

Once considered a no-no in designing a space, the modern industrial design embraces the imperfection of pipes and ducts. What others tried so hard to conceal has been out in the open for everyone to see. The exposed pipes are best for bright spaces as the metallic accent provides a sharp contrast against bare spaces.

  • An abundance of white and grey

The highlight of industrial chic is the combination of raw building materials with contemporary vintage or classic fixtures. It is no wonder most of the colour schemes follow the unfinished look. Walls are painted in bright colours, like white accentuated with an unfinished grey. You can also add other colours but in more neutral shades like sage instead of the usual green.

There are some elements that give contrast to the bare look of the space like a vintage or rustic fixture that stands out from everything else in the room. For example, a kitchen can use shiny metal appliances for that industrial touch. Adding a long wooden table to offer space for customers to dine on gives justice to the alternative design while making it possible to serve more clients without adding more fixtures.

6 Reasons Modern Industrial Design Will Endure

One of the decorating trends to avoid is following a popular style without a thought to its staying power. While many design fads have come and gone, modern industrial is here to stay; here’s why:

Take advantage of the inherent qualities of the space

1. It makes use of the raw and natural elements of your space

This modern trend does not have to incorporate a lot of things and even breaks free from the norm of hiding imperfections. If you are bored with your office wallpapers, you can strip them off and achieve that modern industrial style vibe without spending a lot.

2. It does not take much effort to do

Unlike other design trends, the industrial style requires very little effort to execute. If you have distressed wood, old lanterns, vintage fixtures, and other elements hidden in your storage room, all it would take is just to take them out to achieve that industrial look.

3. The design makes use of fixtures that encourage employees to stand more

There is an ongoing call to make offices use layouts and designs that encourage their employees to stand more and modern industrial design does that. Adding stools and long tables are very basic elements of the trend that realizes both aesthetic and health goals.

Maximize the available space

4. The design makes restaurants use most of its space

Long wooden tables, corner shelf tables, wooden stools, and attractive lighting fixtures are very evident in many restaurants these days. Industry players know how to spice up their interiors with the latest trends but aside from the aesthetic it also gives them more opportunities to use their restaurant space. For instance, long tables attached to the wall can cater to more people compared to setting tables on these corners. More space means more customers can dine happily.

5. It works within the budget

Office renovations can come with a hefty price tag which explains why a lot of companies are putting such plans off for later years. Those who go for this interior design trend, however, prove that they can actually work within an ideal budget since they can reuse old fixtures and follow and edgy alternative style.

6. Licensed contractors work faster

The next big bulk of an office renovation budget is the pay for the contractor as they charge depending of the intricacy of the work. Good news for those planning for the industrial chic look, most contractors charge less for the job. Professional and licensed contractors utilize their resources so they do their jobs well and within a shorter period. Companies are therefore charged much less for the renovation job while they are assured of quality output.

Modern spaces mix old industrial flair with new accents

With the benefits that come with modern industrial design, it should not be too surprising to find more offices and restaurants that take inspiration from old warehouses. If you are looking at executing renovation plans for your office or restaurant, PT General Contractor Inc., can cater to your needs. Our years in the industry has earned us the experience and expertise to create a space that suits your taste and need. Contact us at (416) 757-9100 for professional renovation services.