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PT General Contractor Inc. offers a wide range of construction and renovation services for commercial buildings, restaurants, mercantile stores, educational edifices, service centers, warehouses and storages, medical facilities, and many more. Besides these, however, we now also offer office renovation in Toronto, a service designed for businesses that are moving to a new location or an existing office that has decided to working spaces and facilities.

Our services will handle all aspects of your office renovation needs including electrical, plumbing, and kitchen. Whatever the objectives for your office renovation in Toronto, PT General Contractor Inc. is committed to helping you realize your goals. Our highly trained staff will be more than happy to offer suggestions on areas such as design, use of materials, colour schemes, and even in the choice of furniture. We understand the importance of these unique factors and recognize the impact they have on the efficiency and morale of your workers as well as your customers.

With more than 20 years of experience as one of the leading providers of construction services in Toronto, PT General Contractor Inc. boasts of the expertise in handling a wide range of construction and renovation services for offices, commercial establishment, restaurants, storage facilities, service centers, and more. Our skilled team of designers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and builders has the collective expertise and experience to handle any office renovation in Toronto you can think of.

In completing the renovations works, we will see to it that completion dates will be on schedule with the least inconvenience to the office staff. Our team will be on top of the project to ensure that budgets are achieved with the maximum benefit to the customer. We will be suggesting and recommending the latest innovations in the field to enhance appearance, functionality, and in keeping with environmental requirements.

We are confident that our experience in construction, technical expertise and capacity that you require of us in connection with such work that, if selected to do so, we would provide you with a first class facility, from a function, aesthetic and economical viewpoint.
We have the resources to provide all services necessary for executing your vision, and we will help you obtain the best value for your investment by providing a quality project completed safely and on schedule. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to offer our construction services in connection with your project, and look forward to working with you to provide quotations of construction on your project.

Your office represents your company and your brand. It offers your clients and guests a good first impression of your company. Additionally, it can also show your workers that you care by. A good office renovation job can make your employees feel more comfortable, which in turn, can enhance motivation, work efficiency, and job satisfaction. To achieve all these, entrust your office renovation to PT General Contractor Inc. We are a leading provider of office renovation and construction services in Toronto, contact us at (416) 757-9100.