Keeping a property, be it a commercial or residential building, in good condition is a must. Regular property maintenance can help you save money in the long run because you can catch a small problem before it turns into a disaster. It also lessens the frequency of costly repairs and keeps your tenants in a safe environment.

Here are the top tips for maintaining your property:

1. Check for leaks and water damage. The perfect time to check for leaks and possible water damage is after a rain or after the snow has melted. Inspect the wall and roof for some soft spots. Check for signs of water around toilets, windows, sinks, and water heaters. It is essential to spot a water leak earlier to prevent damage to the building and to the tenants’ properties. Mold can also be an expensive problem to solve.

2. Test carbon monoxide and smoke detector regularly. Schedule a time for checking these devices regularly. Ensure that they are in working condition. A carbon monoxide or smoke detector that doesn’t go off can put you in a legal dilemma. Replace the batteries and inspect the wiring. These detectors last for five to ten years which makes it imperative to replace them often.

3. Exterminate every two months. Do not wait until you have a pest problem. It is advisable to exterminate every month or two months to prevent an infestation. Seek professional help in exterminating your property. Although this costs money, it is an investment to keep your building in good condition.

4. Update electrical wires. Ensure that the electrical wiring in your building is up-to-date. This ensures that the electric system will last longer. Look for a trustworthy contractor that can check your electrical wires regularly.

5. Repaint your property. A fresh coat of paint on your building’s walls and ceilings can extend its life. Paint is not just for cosmetic purposes as it also prevents dampness and rotting. Do not wait until you see cracks in the walls or sun damage to reconsider your property’s condition.