Whether constructing a brand new office or renovating an existing office space, consider how your design will affect the psychology of employees and clients. A business or office interior can encourage productivity, efficiency, and peak performance. It also has the ability to be a space that helps foster positive relationships. Before starting construction or office renovation, here are some facts about the psychology of an office interior:

Office Design Hacks to Increase Employee Productivity

1. Subconscious effects of colour – Colour can affect human behavior and emotions on a deep level. Several studies have linked the colour purple to creativity. White can influence focus, and green amplifies feelings of cooperation. When you are considering colour for your office space, avoid drastic decisions. Though we don’t want a space that is all grey or beige, every wall filled with vibrant colour can be overwhelming. Take the middle road and develop a well thought out theme for your space.

Psychology of the Office Interior

2. Office relationships influenced by layout – The floor plan of your office will influence the way employees interact with each other. Experts suggest an office layout that allows employees freedom of movement — with the option for privacy — can improve productivity. Gathering spaces (such as a “free coffee bar”) can offer your team a place to bond, share ideas, and make plans.

Psychology of the Office Interior

3. Foster a sense of community with open space – A large space or room where the entire staff can gather for meetings, special events, or social occasions can be a valuable asset and foster a community feeling within the office.

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