Having an excellent idea building design idea may seem simple. Implementing the plan and seeing the project finalized is much more complicated. Most construction projects are abandoned mid-way because of poor planning by the owner or contractor. To ensure your project sees the light of day, become familiar with the causes of “new building failure:”

Inaccurate Estimates

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When a contractor estimates the cost of labour and materials, he should consider potential market price changes. Failure to anticipate these changes leads to builds coming to a halt, costing building owners. A good contractor has a detailed checklist to avoid specification errors and omissions. He will also double-check the market price of materials and the estimates before making orders. Set some money aside for emergencies and unanticipated costs.

Unreliable Personnel

Sometimes a contractor hires readily available, cheap labour, neglecting required qualifications and the experience needed for the job. The project ends up stalling when workers get injured or fail to do the necessary work. Choose a contractor and project manager who has a skilled team.

Tips for a Successful Building Construction

Running Several Projects Simultaneously

Multitasking workers can lead to confusion and cause a slowdown and delays. Avoid the temptation of working on different projects at once. Focusing on a single task ensures results.


Permit delays, waiting for government approvals, and site regulations can slow the building process. Have the right paperwork completed and approved before starting your project. Establish deadlines within a specific time frame so the project doesn’t cost more money.

Unexpected Conditions

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Sometimes things happen that affect the working schedule. These conditions could be due to harsh weather, or design/structural issues. Problems cannot be overlooked. However, by having an insurance plan, you can reduce potential damage and delays. An experienced contractor can identify problems before they occur and save you costly headaches.

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