Commercial buildings, after years of wear and tear from weather changes such as rain, snow, heat and cold, begin to look drab and dull. When that happens, it is time to repaint your commercial building. There are ten major reasons why it is important to repaint a commercial building, including meeting local regulations. If the location of your building is governed by certain codes requiring that the exterior paint of the building remain unfaded and doesn’t look like an eyesore, then it may be time to apply a fresh coat of paint. Another rationale for making a cosmetic change is to increase the appeal of your building. A building that looks lackluster may prevent customers from coming inside.

Boost morale and add value

Bottom-Line Benefits for Repainting Your Commercial Building

Boosting morale is an important, if overlooked, motive to update your commercial property. Employees and customers alike are affected by the look of a building. They may not say it but employees probably don’t like a run-down look at their workplace. A well-maintained building improves employees’ outlook and may increase enthusiasm. Also, from a financial perspective, a building that is cared for has a much longer life and monetary worth. Fresh paint improves longevity and value of a building.

Safety issues are important, too


Another argument to update your commercial property is safety improvement. For example, repainting signs and markings in your parking area will keep traffic flowing safely and smoothly and helps customers to enter and leave without incident. Restoring a building can help reinvent your business, too, providing an opportunity for rebranding and creating a fresh landscape for customers.

Give your building a facelift

Bottom-Line Benefits for Repainting Your Commercial Building

It’s not necessary to radically change the frontage, but how about a facelift? Paint colors, over time, can fade. Repainting your building will give a fresh appeal to visitors and customers. In addition, if you have recently purchased a new commercial building, updating your new structure is a clear signal to both current and potential customers that the building is under new management.

In summary, climate changes can’t be avoided, nor can the aging of a structure — but repainting your commercial building provides long term benefits such as adding value and boosting morale. Contact PT General Contractor at (416) 757-9100 and let us help with your painting needs.