When remodelling your restaurant, you probably want to breathe new life into it and make it more appealing to both old and new clientele. There are many options, but the following ideas might provide some inspiration. Use your creativity to make them fit with your aesthetic.


1. Upgrade the Exterior

The exterior and entrance will be the first things your customers see. Make a good first impression by redesigning your parking lot and renovating walkways for both safety and aesthetic appeal. Your entrance will look more inviting with elements like bright color schemes, glass doors, and appealing lighting.


 Restaurant Remodelling Ideas


2. Add Artwork

Artwork on the walls can add a touch of personality to your restaurant. Eye-level paintings and illustrations are especially effective. Surprisingly, depictions of foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, or wine are proven whet some customers’ appetite and entice them to order more from the menu.


 Restaurant Remodelling Ideas


3. Change Your Colours 

Remodelling is an excellent opportunity to update your colour palette and make it more eye-catching. A fresh coat of paint is a relatively small investment that can revitalize your space. Consider bright, cheery colours like yellow or orange, which are found to elicit sensations of hunger. Or, try white and turquoise, both of which create a calm environment. Do research to find a colour that suits your restaurant’s theme.


Restaurant Remodelling Ideas4


4. Divide Your Space

You can create additional dining areas in your restaurant by installing new walls or using banquette seating. These changes create spaces for customers who prefer a more private meal. Another option is to use headboards instead of banquettes, providing a sense of privacy at a fraction of the cost. Planter boxes and walls may also define pathways for more efficient foot traffic.


 Restaurant Remodelling Ideas


5. Use Natural Light

Installing large windows and skylights can add natural light and expand the space. Using natural light saves money on daytime energy.


 Restaurant Remodelling Ideas


6. Use Your Exterior

If you have patio space and available licensing for it, use it. You’ll be able to seat more customers; you can also add mini-bars or grilling stations to make the dining experience even more special.

There are unlimited options available when it comes to remodelling your restaurant. It’s always best to consult professional designers and architects to make sure you meet all codes and have the right permits.

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