Restaurants, like many businesses, need occasional reinvention to ensure continued success in what can be a cut-throat industry. There are three changes that a restaurateur may choose for his/her establishment, depending on its needs and desired goals. Here are the “three Rs” in restaurant updating, arranged from the least to most invasive:

Retrofit, Remodel, or Renovate


A retrofit is performed mainly to update finishing elements of a restaurant and to improve or add new computer technology to increase efficiency and modernity. It is recommended to do a retrofit during the off-hours of the restaurant and prevent disturbing customers. Retrofitting can include updating a restaurant’s paint and colour scheme, decor, graphics — or completely changing its furniture. Retrofitting does not usually require a permit, but making inquiries doesn’t hurt. A skilled, experienced contractor will understand what paperwork (if any) is necessary.


Retrofit, Remodel, or Renovate

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The process of remodelling may be added on top of retrofitting and usually requires a restaurant to be closed temporarily. Addressing repair and maintenance issues (and potentially minor code violations) is the main objective. Changing flooring and/or table and seating arrangements may also be included in this process.


Retrofit, Remodel, or Renovate

A renovation calls for the most drastic and extensive restaurant modifications. This highly invasive process generally requires a restaurant to close for at least three weeks. Demolition and rebuilding may occur in a renovation with an aim to correct any major code violations the previous design may have failed to address.

Which R does your restaurant require? It depends on your needs, vision, and the recommendations of a reliable contractor. PT General Contractor Inc. can help; let us guide you through this exciting (and sometimes daunting) venture. For a free estimate, call us today at (416) 757-9100.