While every business wants to offer high quality products and service, the atmosphere of your store or showroom is equally important. Presentation is key; your store is a large-scale presentation. A pleasant environment encourages purchases. The relationship between store atmosphere and impulse buying is strong. Take advantage of this by optimizing your store design while telling the story of your brand.

The Entrance

How a Store's Design Influences Customer Purchases

Your design can determine whether someone who’s simply browsing makes a purchase. When a person first steps into your store, they enter a “decompression area.” This area consists of about 5 to 15 feet of space, and should reflect the best you have to offer. In this initial area, the display is being immediately judged. Well-coordinated displays and lighting make an important impact.

The Power Wall

The closest wall to the store entrance is considered the “power wall,” with a major focus for your customer. About 90% of people turn to the right when entering a store. Keep this in mind when designing your layout.

The Layout

Create a path through your store that takes into account the architecture of the space. You can choose a circular flow or use flooring to create a path. Your path can lead to an eye-catching display at the end of an aisle. Keep in mind that high demand products should be displayed at eye level. If you have any seating in your store, make sure it’s facing the merchandise to keep it on the mind of your customer.

Make sure your layout is open enough so customers do not crowd each other while browsing. It’s been proven that customers will avoid areas where they may brush against other shoppers.

If all this seems like too much to consider, a commercial building contractor can optimize the layout of your store and influence your customers to spend more. Call PT General Contractor today at (416) 757-9100 and tell us your goals and we’ll help you achieve them.