Renovating a restaurant is a gargantuan task, but it can pay off in dividends – if it’s done right. Here are recommended tips on how to renovate your restaurant successfully, increase your profits, and win over customers (both old and new):

Tips for a Successful Restaurant Renovation

1. Begin with a strong plan.
A well-thought-out plan is the number one step for any renovation to be successful. Studying other brands or competitors and talking to customers about what improvements they’d like to see may help you choose features to upgrade.

Establishing goals and a timeline is also crucial. Will you make small updates to the decor or rebrand your restaurant entirely? These questions will affect your decisions as you begin the planning process.

2. Connect your plan with the restaurant’s theme.
To make your restaurant stand out, match your vision to the its brand, theme, and purpose. If you specialize in a certain type of food, do you wish the interior to reflect the mood of that country/region? Know your clientele/market and allow that to influence your decisions.

Tips for a Successful Restaurant Renovation

3. Create a budget.
Renovating a restaurant always calls for a higher budget than expected. You cannot solely base a renovation budget on an expected increase in profits. Talking to an experienced contractor will enable you to budget, plan for contingencies, and anticipate what your later reward may be.

4. Hire the right architect or contractor.
Renovating a restaurant requires expertise. Hire professionals who understand your vision for the restaurant, have ample experience, and use skilled subcontractors who will communicate with you throughout the process.

Tips for a Successful Restaurant Renovation

5. Determine the critical issues.
When renovating, the appeal for aesthetics sometimes overpowers the need to assess critical mechanical issues in a restaurant. A leaking basin, a faulty HVAC, or a congested parking can be issues that a restaurant needs to address before interior renovations begin.

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