Renovating an office can be costly. However, a good office often translates to better productivity and more success. An effective office inspires employees and promotes efficiency. This also makes your business attractive to partners and new hires.

Here are some ways you can do to renovate and freshen up your office:

Add a Recreation or Relaxation Area

If you have an extra space in your office, add a game room or relaxation room that your employees can use. Simple yet fun games can liven up the mood in the office while encouraging camaraderie. You can opt for table tennis or even a few board games.

Your relaxation area can be a small space with a mat and dim lighting where employees can meditate. This is a place where they can de-stress and relax. This does not have to be elaborate. A simple dedicated room for relaxation can definitely help your employees.

Opt for Open Space

It’s time to ditch the boring cubicles if you have quite a number of employees. An open-space design might be a better fit to optimize available space for office employees. This setup improves the communication between staff and collaboration. Interaction can be easier between employees. This also develops the flow of information in the office which leads to business innovation.

Upgrade the Color

Forget the boring white walls for your office. Add splashes of colors that uplift the spirits of your employees. Use colors strategically to liven up the office. Colors affect people in a physiological and psychological level. Even a simple repainting of the walls can have interesting effects on your employees.

Blue and green create a calming atmosphere. Orange and red, on the other hand, add energy to any space.

The intensity of the colors also affects a person. Bold colors can send people to overdrive and prevents concentration. Adjust these accordingly, depending on the goal you have in mind.