Renovating your office space is a good way to breathe new life into your employee morale and image for clients. For what can be a relatively small investment, you can increase productivity and draw more customers.

 Upgrade your facilities to make a more favourable impression and receive a number benefits, including:


Why Renovate Your Business


  • Improved Morale

Workplaces are increasingly using open spaces in their designs. Rather than use enclosed areas like cubicles, the trend is to create shared work areas which allow employees to see one another. This makes it easier for your team to communicate and encourages camaraderie in the workplace. Renovations also let you install new facilities, including break rooms where staff can relax.


Why Renovate Your Business


  • Better Use of Space 

Giving your business a makeover is an opportunity to optimize the office layout. Your renovation expert can advise how to make the most of your available space. This also provides a chance to help workers feel less cramped. Renovating also lets you get rid of any accumulated, unnecessary items and reduce clutter for everyone’s benefit.


Why Renovate Your Business


  • Solid First Impression 

When first stepping into your office, the design and layout is the first thing new clients or business associates see. A sleek design can help attract new applicants by representing a welcoming, open workplace. A renovated office space also improves company image. Clients perceive a clean, organized space to be part of an efficient organization.


Why Renovate Your Business


  • Government-assisted Financing

In Canada and other countries, renovations may make your business eligible for loans. The changes you make may ultimately translate into a bigger return on your investment.


Why Renovate Your Business


  • Repairing Wear and Tear

Extend the lifespan of your building by repairing and replacing any cumulative damage. This also lets you remove harmful substances (like asbestos) that might have been used in the original construction.


Why Renovate Your Business


  • Cost Savings

Renovations also save money, with some advance planning. Renewable design and construction techniques can be implemented to make it easier and cheaper to carry out future renovations. You can also opt to “go green” and install renewable energy sources, automatic faucets, double pane windows, etc. that can reduce your energy costs.


When planning any renovations for your business, an experienced contractor is always your best bet. PT General Contractor Inc. offers a wide range of services and experienced designers and builders in the Greater Toronto Area to help you every step of the way. Contact us at (416) 757-9100 to get started with your business renovation.